وبلاگ دانشجویان رشته روابط عمومی واحد 11 - تمرین های درس زبان انگلیسی

تمرین های صفحه 18 درس اول

1. (my /mine) clothes are dirty. My clothes are dirty.

2. It was your sister birthday not (her / hers). It was your sister birthday not hers.

3. Is this (yours /your) car? I thought (yours / your) was BMW.
Is this your car? I thought yours was BMW.

4. Zahra has found (their /theirs) book. Zahra has found their book.

5. She likes (his /ours) new coat. She likes his new coat.

6. Excuse me. Is this (you /yours)? Excuse me. Is this yours?

7. (Our / ours) friends live in Tabriz. Our friends live in Tabriz.

8. (Their / theirs) yard is bigger than (my / mine).
Their yard is bigger than mine.

9. One of (it /its) tires punctured. One of its tires punctured.

10. Those are (his / hers) properties. Those are hers properties.

درس دوم ص 21

11. To happen (occurs)

12. Out of hundred (percent)

13. Able to observe (show)

14. Trust or depend on (rely on)

ادامه درس دوم ص 23

15.He works in a restaurant. (Negative).
He does not work in a restaurant.

16. Does she usually go to school by bus? (positive)
She usually goes to school by bus.

17. Does he study hard? (Negative)
He does not study hard.

18. My little sister washes the dishes. (Negative)
My little sister does not wash the dishes.

19. This dress suits you. (Question)
Does dress suit you?
یاDoes it you?

درس سوم، تمرین ص 30، جاهای خالی را با استفاده از کلمات داده شده پر کنید.

Sing – work – cook – swim - study

.Listen! Somebody is singing

21. Please be quiet! I am studying.

22. Your sister is cooking the dinner now.

23. The boys are swimming in the river at present.

24. My father is working in the garden at the moment.

درس چهارم، تمرین ص 35

25. Water boils at 100c (Boil)

26. Has mary given you a book so far? (Give)

27. She has been Esfahan since Monday. (Be)

28. The sun rises from the east. (Rise)

29. Ali seldom drinks tea. (Drink)
درس پنجم تمرین ص،44،40،39

30. A black hole exists in a religion of space where the gravity is so weak.
A black hole exists in a region of space where the gravity is so strong.

31. The weight of the distant galaxies is less than the sun.
The weight of the distant galaxies is more than the sun.

32. These galaxies are the nearest objects ever discovered.
These galaxies are the most distant objects ever discovered.

33. Her painting is prettier than your painting. (pretty)

34. Majid is the best student in our class. (good)

35. This is the most interesting film in our country. (interesting)

36. This city is more crowded than your city. (crowded)

37. Which house is most beautiful one? (beautiful)

38. This road is narrower than that one. (narrow)

39. Ahvaz is the hottest city. (hot)

40. My teacher is more serious than my brother. (serious)

41. He is the most popular singer in our country. (popular)

42. This knife is not very sharp. Do you have a sharper one? (sharp)
سوالهای خارج از کتاب که استاد برای تمرین در کلاس دادند.

43. Ardebil is the coldest in iran.

44. Tehran is the biggest city

45. Tehran is the more populated than Karaj.

46. Tehran is the most populated city in Iran.

47. Bandare abbas is the hottest city. (hot)

48. Sepideh is the most active student in our class.(active)

49.He never makes a mistake. (make)

50.They go to the cinema every three time a month.(go)

51.we often study english on sundays.(study)

52. Mina usally drinks coffee every afternoon.(drink)

53. I know the meaning of this word. (know)

۵۴. She has a headache. (has)

55. He is two years old. (be)
صفحه 49 قسمت دي سوال 1و 5

۵۶. Coming back a place. (return

57. Guarding some thing. (protect)
ص 51

58. He did not forget to buy a bicycle for him yesterday. (not forget)

59. She arrived home late last night. (arrive)

60. My sister did not tell you the truth about the problem. (not tell)

61. We did not know it was your brithday . (not know)

62. did you go to the party two day ago? (you go)
تمرين ص 56 خيلي مهم است براي امتحان حتما مي‌آيد.

63. They were playing when I saw them. (play / see)

64. We got out while they were makeing tea. (make)

65. I was makeing bed when he Got here. (make / get)

66. what were you doing?. (do)

67. Why were you listening to music when your father came in? (you listen / come)

68. Zahra was cleaning the house when her mother was in. (clean / be)

69. When he came the lady was not washing the dishes. (not wash)

70. What was he doing? (do)



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